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What to do after scheduling an HVAC service appointment?

After going through our pre-service call checklist and scheduling an HVAC service appointment with us at (252) 355-9191, here are a few more things you can do to make sure your service appointment goes smoothly.

1. Make sure the areas around indoor and outdoor HVAC units are clear from items.  A 3×3 foot area of space around electrical panels and attic access is adequate for a technicians to work in. This might not be possible in all situations, but technicians appreciate the added room to diagnose and fix problems.

2. For outside HVAC units, please make sure all shrubbery are trimmed back.  This should be a part of regular HVAC upkeep but is especially important for a service call.  Overgrown plants can pose an issue for systems, and might even be the cause of the system problem.

3.  Please have all pets secured.  At Advance Mechanical we love animals, even have dogs at our office, but not all animals like to have strangers in their home.

4.  Prepare all your observations, symptoms, concerns, and questions to go over with our technicians when they arrive.  We appreciate all additional info, and knowing your concerns will help us to better meet your needs.