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These units provide targeted cooling and heating. They’re often used where conventional HVAC systems would be impractical or too expensive to use.

Ductless units eliminate the need for ductwork. Each unit has all the components needed to heat or cool a specific room. A ceiling/wall mounted cabinet houses the indoor fan coil with a separate condensing unit set outdoors.

Such units are suitable for garage and basement conversions, media rooms and recording studios.

Ductless units are ideal for old houses that may not be equipped with a center HVAC system and ductwork. Such homes usually have tight spaces and thick walls, which makes it hard to install a conventional HVAC system. Ductless units can be located far from each other without impacting on efficiency. This flexibility allows contractors to position units for optimal performance and visual appeal.





Source:  Product Review: Are Mini-Split HVAC Systems Right for You?

Monday, Sep 8 2014

Michael Morris