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Indoor Air Quality



MicroPower Guard

MicroPower Guard® Polarized Media Air Cleaner is designed to reduce or eliminate particulate and allergens from the indoor air your family breathes every day. Our exclusive low pressure media does not interfere with air flow and will help keep your heating/cooling system cleaner while saving you energy.


  • Lifetime warranty!
  • Controls dust, dirt, pollen, smoke (Element 1)
  • Health effects can include:  Nose & throat irritation, coughing, sneezing, asthma
  • Fits easily into your existing filter area
  • Replacement media pads available in economic three and four-packs
  • Peak operating efficiency of three to four months before pad replacement is needed


UV Lights

We understand that not all homes and businesses are the same therefore a one size fits all approach may not work for you.  For this reason we offer a wide range of UV lights.  Our most popular brands and models include REME HALO®, the Oxy Quantum and the Quantum.


  • Lifetime warranty on select models!
  • Reduces germs, bacteria, gases, cold and flu viruses and organic growth (elements 2 and 3
  • Health effects can include:  Coughing, sneezing, asthma, reduced spread of cold and flu viruses
  • Variety of options to fit your unique needs
  • UV bulb lasts 2 years (select models)
  • Odor control option (select models)